New York City

The first thing we did in NYC was head out to dinner with my good friend from college, Jenny. We met up at a place in the UES called Casabel Taqueria where we spent a couple of hours getting caught up and Kevin partook in the Monday night special of unlimited tacos and sangria. It was a well-deserved meal for him after the gym time the day before and the long, eventful day of getting to New York.


Jenny and I hadn’t seen each other in nearly three years, but we just picked up where we left off, like we’d seen each other yesterday. There’s something very grand about meeting friends in different places, and something very grand about how time doesn’t really make too much of a difference between friends. It was a lovely reunion; hopefully the next one will be closer than three years.

Day 1

Our first day in the city started by grabbing a couple cups of coffee and strolling around the frozen reservoir in Central Park. It was easy to admire both the city skyline and the beauty of the park, even in it’s near-winter state, on our brisk walk.


From there work beckoned and we returned to the apartment for a few hours to tend to it while taking in the constant sounds of the city. Car horns, laughter, wheels turning, shouting, people shuffling about, aaaaannnd bagpipes. It was Saint Patrick’s Day.

By mid-afternoon it was time to leave the apartment for Central Park once again, but this time to walk the length of it to reach Ed O’Neil Theater and find dinner along the way.

We had another mission in route as well — to return to the place in Central Park where I had gone ten years ago with my dad and recreate a photo in front of a bridge. We ended up finding the same bridge, but my memory failed me and we took our photo from the opposite side. Close enough. 🙂


When we left the park we came across our dinner destination and happily chowed down on our plates, including the best cheesecake either of us had ever tried. Then to the theater we went to see Kevin’s first Broadway play, the unforgettable, crude, and hilarious, The Book of Mormon. It was a little darker humor in some parts than I had expected, but overall a great production.

New York

A quick stop in Time Square rounded out our night post-show.

Day 2

Our flight to Copenhagen was today but didn’t depart until 11:30 PM, leaving us another entire day here. Work filled our morning before heading out for a rapid-moving afternoon around town. From the subway to the 911 Memorial, to the Bowling Green Bull, and random places in between.


That afternoon was a blur, but I felt blissfully satisfied with our stay as we grabbed our backpacks and made our way towards JFK where we would catch out flight to Europe. Next stop Copenhagen.

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