Hello All!

This week has been every bit as good as the first. We started working with the first and second graders in Collombay, a group of sixteen in total. Next week we’re with the third and fourth grade, the following we’re with fifth and sixth.

Our other projects are still on hold until the community meeting on the 11th, so we may be hopping on to another group’s project, possibly helping to build a reservoir.

For now we’re back in Huanchaco, and we’re celebrating the fourth tomorrow. A new group of 16 students from (The) Ohio State and the University of North Carolina got here yesterday and we’re expecting to have quite the barbeque.

So this week:

  • I learned that I am very good at playing Jenga.
  • Made friends with little Peruvian children….I don’t know if any of our points got across, but they really liked singing ‘Head, Shoulders,Knees, and Toes.’ We taught them both English and Spanish versions.
  • Went on an awesome hike right by our hostel in Simbal—Shoutout to Brianna: You would love it here. There are many mountains just waiting to be climbed.
  • Visited Chan Chan.
  • Have eaten more than I have in a VERY long time. No worries Pop, I will not get too skinny here.

We’re playing soccer with our Peruvian friends shortly, but before I go I have to wish Josh and Jake a belated happy birthday. Jake, I hope you had a great time at your paintball party. I love you guys, and that applies to Mom, Pop, and Colt too.

Until later!

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