Greeting from Aguas Calientes!

Well, the last few days have flown by. My plans changed a bit when we had a scheduling conflict with our flights, but it worked out. I ended up with an extra day in Huanchaco and then a night and morning in Lima, which was quite a culture shock compared to the places I’ve been staying the last month.

We flew into Cusco yesterday and it’s pretty spectacular, it´s so extremely different from northern Peru. This morning we took a bus and a train to get to Aguas Calientes, which is the closest town to Machu Picchu. We´re staying in an eco lodge that is extremely like a treehouse…talk about AWESOME!

It´s absolutley beautiful here. I honestly question if I´m in Peru or in some part of Pandora….hahaha. Tomorrow holds the 5:30 bus to Machu Picchu and the return to Cusco. Fiestas Patrias (Peruvian Independence Day…or days rather) is this upcoming week so there will be a lot going on.

Hasta Luego!

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