First Week Update

Hello All,

The past few days have been awesome here. I’m with a great group of people and we’ve been having a good time while adjusting to Peru.

We haven’t started any real work yet, there’s been a lot of eating, watching World Cup, and exploring around. Some from our group joined with another American MOCHE group to play some soccer with Peruvians (who were very surprised that the gringa can play).

We went to the more rural Simbal (where we’ll stay during the week, the hostel is really really beautiful…I’ve turned our second story deck into my sunrise yoga studio) and then to Collombay (where we’ll be working) for the first time on Thursday. In Huanchaco gringos aren’t such a spectacle, but we draw a lot of attention in the more rural towns. We went to the school and played soccer with the children we’ll be working with next week. The plan is to work with them for an hour and a half for 3 days, the lesson plans are in the works. We’re waiting on a community meeting to see what other project we’re going to tackle over the next month.

Yesterday we hiked up Cerra Huancha, which is a site that MOCHE wants to protect. I think we hiked up about 800 meters in elevation. The little town was at the top. It’s crazy that there are still walls there, even broken bits of ancient pottery stick out from the ground in areas.

This morning we headed back to Huanchaco and stopped at an archaeolgical site on the way back called Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna, which were both incredible. We’re talking pyramids that are thousands of years old with walls and artwork still intact. Amazing.

So all is well here, as I’m sure they are at home.

Hasta Luego!



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