Buenas Tardes!

Hey guys,

It’s 4:30 pm here now and we’re set to meet with an associate of MOCHE to help us plan our trip to Cusco at 5 so I don’t have long.

This week has been crazy! We worked in the school in Collambay for three days with the older group and things went well. That was only three days of the week though. One was spent hiking around the base of Cerro Huancha, the site that MOCHE wishes to protect, to survey the terrain and flag our proposed boundaries while the other was spent driving up to the highlands. I was amazed at how green everything was, honestly ridiculously gorgeous.

  • Along with the other highlights, this week I:
  • Danced with a seventy year old Peruvian man (That was for you Gizelle)
  • Went surfing in Huanchaco (Sarah MacD you’d love it)
  • Met some really awesome people from the University of North Carolina and The Ohio State University
  • Bought a trompo
  • Finished The Two Towers and progressed another level into nerdhood

Tomorrow is our big community meeting in Collambay and we’ll see if we can draw up a contract to continue our project—which right now is looking like renovating the plaza. It’s about time to head out, but for tonight I’ll be playing some soccer and going salsa dancing. Hasta luego!

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