Becoming Acquainted With Cusco

Yesterday ended up being one of my favorites of the trip thus far. We set out in the morning without any big plans and strolled around the city (don´t worry,we had a map and stayed in the ¨safe zone¨). The local market boasted an awesome row of juice stands, it´s 3.5 soles for a huge jug of freshly made juice which translates roughly to a dollar. I did notice the woman put some water  in the mix, but  I drank it and I´m not sick.  What do ya know?

The object of the day was to make it to the Centro Commrcial at the end of Avenida del Sol, but we never got there. While walking down the street we noted a small art gallery and decided to check it out. An older gentleman in a suit was sitting comfortably in a chair and welcomed us in. His name is Amilcar Salomon and we ended up spending our whole afternoon  with him.  He  is  87 years old and about  to go on his seneventh world tour with his art. Honestly one of the most intersting people I´ve ever met. I think he really enjoyed my and my travel mate Fox´s company as well. We parted ways with Salomon after he treated us to hot chocolate and apple pie. I have to say it was a great afternoon.

We also checked out San Blas, the famous shopping district, which was alright. Very touristy. The night ended with us hanging out with a kid who´s actually from Arcata and goes to Humboldt State. Go figure eh Gizellie? Small world.

I think we´re going to check out some sites today and everything else is still up in the air. Until the next post!

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