Hardwood Floors? Oh Yes We Did.

Well, sort of. They’re actually laminate, but the difference doesn’t really matter to us. 😉

Putting in new flooring was our first major project, and boy was it a process! I’ll just list our steps to keep it short and sweet here:

1. Strip away nasty old carpet.

After wrestling to get the baseboards off, we began pulling the carpet off of the tack strips to discover mysterious stains and odors. Awesome. Next big step was prying the tack strips (aka the devil) out of the cement subfloor. Lets just say we were happy when that was finally done with.

2. Ensure the subfloor is level.

Ours wasn’t in the living room. Note for the future, do not, I REPEAT DO NOT, attempt to level out portions of a cement subfloor using a grinder. You will end up with dust in places you didn’t know existed. Yup, we do know this is a mistake from experience.

Living Room Cement Subfloor

Carpet Gone, Baseboards Off, & Subfloor Exposed

3. Put down a moisture barrier.

We sliced up pieces of blue poly sheeting and were ready to rock and roll!

4. Put down quiet walk.

Kevin-Quiet Walk

Kevin Celebrating Our Quiet Walk Success

Apparently not necessary,  but we thought it would be a good addition for obvious reasons. The less squeak, the better!

5. Get that flooring on the ground!

Living Room-After

Ooooh Aaaaah 😀

We bought a circular saw initially to cut our planks, which was not ideal. At some point around Valentine’s Day we had the good sense to buy a miter saw and we were cruising from then on.

After several trips to Lumber Liquidators, many hours, a few mistakes, some improvisation, and a lot of sweat we were able to cover 500-some square feet together, and now we have a beautiful first floor to show for it.

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