TTFN Charleston

Our wedding day was no doubt a very wonderful and memorable one, and I wouldn’t have expected to top it on our short trip to Charleston. But it would go that the day after we tied the knot may have even been our favorite.

We started the day out out with a nice walk up King Street before meeting up with Kevin’s family for brunch at Toast. BEST BREAKFAST OF THE TRIP! The food was awesome, and we enjoyed it over hearing funny stories from James’ past musician gigs.


Always a source of great entertainment and laughs, the stories that morning were about two band members getting on a fight on stage in a country club, and about the lowlight of James’ career auditioning in the middle of an afternoon at a country bar. This country bar story had us all gasping for air as he described a weird horse statue out front, and how during their audition a random old lady headed out to the dance floor topless to shake her tail feathers. You can’t make this stuff up.

Towards the end of our meal the manager, Sharon, stopped by the table to chat with us (as happened in every restaurant we visited in Charleston; we suppose it’s a hospitality thing). Through talking with her we learned that her daughter also lives in Atlanta and her granddaughter is also named Jordan, and she learned that we’d just been married the day before.

When our waitress came back to check on us one final time she let us know that both Kevin and my breakfast that morning was being comped. Couldn’t ask for a much better way to kick off the married life!

With the Morton’s flight only a few hours away we could pretty much fit in just one more stop before they had to head to the airport. We decided to use that time to revisit the Angel Oak in the dry weather, since no one felt that they’d been able to get a really good look at it during the downpour of the wedding.



We all rode to the tree together to traverse the beautiful roads to Johns Island. It was definitely the right decision for us. I think all of us appreciated the time to admire the enormous canopy and relax a bit.


After the Angel Oak visit, Kevin’s family dropped us off in downtown Charleston and we went our separate ways. From our drop off location we decided to head north on King Street to check stuff out, and also find the movie theater used in the filming of The Notebook.

We were successful in finding the theater, called The American, and discovered that King Street north of Calhoun is absolutely delightful. An eclectic mix of storefronts and restaurants, a younger feel, and quirky things like address with 1/2s in them made for a lovely stroll. We’ll certainly spend more time there on our next visit.


On returning to our hotel room we heard from my parents and made plans to go to Sullivan’s Island so Mom could dip her toes in the Atlantic, and then to go to dinner. I did a quick bit of research to find a place called Water’s Edge on Shem Creek that we could potentially stop in for the meal, and away we went.

The drive from Charleston to Sullivan’s Island is enchanting. We first crossed the magnificent Ravenel Bridge, then continued into charming Mount Pleasant. The low country’s marshes and bridges are just to die for, especially when being viewed close to sunset.

Our stop at Sullivan’s Island was short, but fun. The water there was surprisingly warm, and there were a surprising number of crab holes all over the beach.



Shem Creek was the next stop, and we decided that we would just eat at Water’s Edge. BEST DINNER EVER! The food was amazing. Prime rib and fried oysters, shrimp and grits, and steak and lobster rounded out our table, and our waiter, Ian, was so enjoyable we actually stopped to put in a good word with his manager.

On top of the food, as we sat out on the patio in the perfect sunset weather we got to see dolphins! And many of them. I don’t know if there was any way to feel happier than we felt at the table; a beautiful setting, warm air, and a cool breeze can do an awful lot to lift the soul.


Also at this dinner Kevin decided to check our Amazon sales to discover that we’d had a freakish sale day and grossed over $1500. Whhhhhaattt??? Like I said, this was the best dinner ever.

With full bellies we headed out of the restaurant and onto the boardwalk. Walking over that marsh as the sun’s getting low on the horizon has some bit of magic to it.



We rounded out the night, and the trip, with one last stop in downtown Charleston–McCrady’s. Our very kind client, Scott, had kindly recommended the place to us and sent us a gift card there when he found out we were getting married in Charleston. What a cool place it is! It’s an old tavern turned high society meeting place built in 1778, and just has tons of character. George Washington even dined there once!


We posted up at the bar and everyone (even Mom!) got a drink. Dad was made very happy to learn that they had Coors Light, even though it wasn’t advertised on their menu. I got a McCrady’s original cocktail called Voodoo Economics, and whew, let me just say that’s not for the faint of heart!


Sitting there sipping on drinks, snacking on spicy popcorn, and chatting was a perfect nightcap for our mini-vacation. Until next time, Charleston!

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