A Whirlwind Trip to Stetson University

Annette made it out to visit just before her summer vacation drew to a close, and it was a visit with a mission. Goal: Explore Atlanta, check out Old Norcross and Old Duluth, go to Waffle House, take an in-studio yoga class, see Despicable Me 2, make art for the guest bedroom….aaaand manage to squeeze in two out-of-state soccer recruiting trips in between. Quite an ambitious set of plans for ten days.

Stetson University was the first recruiting trip in line. The plan was to leave on a Thursday, which led me to expect not being able to go along on. However, on Wednesday night I worked out an arrangement such that I could take a day and a half off of work, thus a mad dash ensued to prepare for a last minute trip to Florida.

Chillin' in a rocking chair outside the Admissions Office

Chillin’ in a rocking chair outside the Admissions Office

On Friday morning we headed to the university and were all pretty impressed with DeLand’s small town charm on the way. We were further impressed by the stunning campus upon arrival, with its red brick buildings and beautifully maintained landscape. The feeling grew when we got a tour of the brand new soccer facilities and a guided tour of the campus. After kicking ass playing in the soccer camp on Saturday (with high humidity and the temperature in the 90s, I’ll add), Annette received a great scholarship offer if she chooses to attend Stetson.

Regardless of whether Stetson will be Annette’s choice for her future school, Kevin and I are both so glad she got to experience this trip, and that we got to be involved.

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