Kicking off the Grand Trip – Boston

Day 1

When we awoke the morning of our departure I couldn’t believe that the day had actually come, but it was indeed Friday, March 13th, and that indeed meant that it was time to embark on our grand adventure. So into an Uber, onto the MARTA, and onto a plane then off to Boston we went.

Upon arriving we hailed a car to make our way to the apartment we’d booked, and boy was that an experience to sit through! I couldn’t do much but laugh nervously as our driver expertly weaved in and out of traffic on roads much too small for modern vehicles. Let me tell you, Bostonians are beyond crazy drivers.

The rest of the evening consisted of meeting our gracious hostess, Natalie, and braving the literally icy cold streets to get to Quincy Market in search of sustenance.


We called it a night early, tired from the long work week behind us and the travel day, knowing that we had quite a day ahead of us come morning.

Day 2

The next morning we headed through the cold and rain to Boston Common to join a free walking tour led by a hilarious Boston native named Ron. If you’re ever visiting the area and want a dose of American history from a quirky personality I would highly recommend this tour; you will not be disappointed.

On the tour we walked the first half of the Freedom Trail, a two mile long red brick line that connects 16 of Boston’s most significant historic landmarks. All kinds of stories and fun facts were told, about Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the retaliatory blockade that ensued thereafter, and more.


I loved the whole thing, being a history nerd and all, but I was particularly interested in the level of political engagement in the city on the brink of the Revolutionary War. Apparently the population of Boston at the time was only about 17,000 people. Many political meetings, including the gathering before the Boston Tea Party, were held at a church with a 5,000 person capacity. According to our tour guide, it was common for so many people to attend meetings that crowds would have to line the streets outside of the church as there were far too many people for it to accommodate. That would be a third or more of the population of the city. Can you imagine how charged the atmosphere must have been? That just blew my mind.


A little off the trail Ron took us to a restaurant called Cary Nation, named after a staunch prohibitionist known for barging into bars just before prohibition thumping her bible, smashing liquor bottles, and trashing bar counters. She frequently got arrested in those days and apparently was once told that she was being arrested for vandalism, to which she responded that she was not vandalizing but rather destroying. So she made a distinction.

The sweet bit of irony here, and the reason that I loved this place, is that Cary Nation is not only a restaurant. If you proceed to the back of the establishment, you can whisper a password at a curtain and enter a period 1920s speakeasy. We didn’t have time later to return for drinks, but that’s definitely the kind of place I could hang out in!


It would honestly be hard to top this day. Ever. We kicked it off by meeting up with one of Kevin’s best friend’s boisterous dad, also named Ron, who lives just outside of Boston. He had very kindly offered to take us around Boston a little bit….aaaannndd then to Maine to get lobster for lunch. Neither Kev nor I had ever been to Maine and we couldn’t resist the offer.

Once in the car we drove through Beacon Hill and then headed over near Fenway Park. As timing would have it, a tour was just starting when we pulled up so we jumped on in. An unplanned itinerary item, but I don’t know how we could have passed it up with Kevin in tow.


Back on the road again we made a detour to get a glimpse of Ron’s hometown of North Reading. There was beautiful, fluffy snow everywhere, covering the ground, adorning adorable cape cod style homes, and hanging in the trees. The town also has a “Great Pond” which was completely frozen over and magical-looking. Not being much of a snow person myself (meaning not being a snow person at all) I was still caught up in thinking how idyllic it seemed. Another fun fact, a film with Jennifer Lawerence and Bradley Cooper is currently being filmed there. I guess the name of the film hasn’t been decided, but it’s about a woman who invented some kind of mop in the 80s and is now a millionaire.

After passing the film site we headed back on the freeway where we encountered quite a bit of falling snow which continued all the way to Maine. We stopped in at a restaurant in Kittery, Maine called Robert’s and had lobster rolls for lunch. Those things are killer, so so good! The restaurant was about a fifteen minute drive to a semi-famous lighthouse so we decided to head there next.

We reached the coastline in a few moments and it was certainly a sight to behold. Snow falling on the ocean, the wind blowing in sideways, and a grayish white haze that seemed to encompass everything from the ocean to the horizon. It looked exactly as a stormy New England sea should, the kind of sea that a hardened old fisherman or a pirate would be out on. Except that there was a surfer in it. Yes, a dude was out in the water surfing while it was 34 degrees outside, snow was falling, and the waves looked like a violent bunch of cascades that could swallow a whale whole. I guess not everyone can have San Diego.


With the aforementioned weather conditions we basically were just able to hop out of the car, look at the lighthouse for a minute, feel like we were frozen silly, then jump cowardly back inside. But it sure was fun.

The car ride back to Boston gave us a chance to thaw out. Well, kind of. When we got back to Boston snow was falling there, too. In fact, the snowfall from that evening broke Boston’s record for the most snowfall in a winter. Pretty nifty.

Ron dropped us off close to our next stop of the night–our friend and client Jordan’s gym. Kevin had arranged to get together with Jordan and his girlfriend Garrett (both clients of ours, and both incredible fitness professionals) to do a training session and actually meet in person.

We had an AMAZING time with those two! We started in the gym where Jordan gave us a crash course in dead lifting and in back squats, in which I had no prior experience whatsoever, and I felt pretty nervous about attempting. Turns out I had nothing to be nervous about and it was awesome! We proceeded to do a few different circuits after and I was in hog heaven. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Jordan and Garrett are both so friendly and encouraging that it made our time in the gym a very energizing and incredibly positive experience. I’m just sad that we don’t live in the same city so it will be a while before we can do that again! Totally gonna plug both of these studs right now in case anyone is interested. Jordan and Garrett both do online coaching programs. You will not find better guidance for reaching your strength and fitness goals. Check them out!


Post workout we went to get our gainz on with some delicious sushi and just had a blast together. It is so invigorating for us to spend time with other ambitious young people, especially two that are such a joy to be around! It was a perfect evening to round out our stay in Boston.

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