A Little Bit of Paradise in Destin

We pulled up to our hotel on the harbor and didn’t think anything in particular about its nondescript exterior, but the lack of wow factor evaporated as soon as we walked in the door. Beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows looking out to the harbor stood directly in front of us, and let me tell you it was enough to take your breath away. A pair of surprised smiles immediately followed the sight.

And wouldn’t you know it, the view from our room was even better. After sufficiently taking in our personal panorama, we headed out for a little walk on the harbor, not looking for anything in particular.

We would have been hard-pressed to pick a better time for a stroll. Flawless weather and a setting sun on the water framed all the activity on the harbor, including fishing boats coming in with their daily catch. A few minutes of watching the fisherman display giant fish and one decent-sized shark prompted me to jokingly say I was having second thoughts about going swimming there. 😉

Down the boardwalk we went toward an awesome new condo development, complete with a gorgeous row of shops and restaurants. Seriously, whoever designed this place is an aesthetic genius. Period.

It was while walking down the boardwalk that Kevin pointed out jet packs to me. Yes, jet packs. The fact that there are water-powered jet packs was news to me. Turns out you can go on a jet pack outing and essentially fly over water. And thus another item was added to the bucket list.

We were considering heading back to the hotel and having chili that we had brought along for dinner, but then we saw the cantina at the very end of the harbor. What the hell, why not have one last nice dinner on vacation? Good food, drinks, and a lovely sunset validated our decision.

The next morning we took it nice and slow. When you have the opportunity to sip coffee on a balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, it’s a sin not to take advantage of it. Check-out rolled around and we were off for a driving tour of Destin, mainly for the purpose of checking out houses (we’d recently discovered that you can get  near-beach-front property for around 400k in the area and wanted to scope it out).

In the midst of our drive we  stumbled upon a public beach access path and decided to check it out. To be blunt: BEST CHOICE EVER! Our afternoon was spent at this place, dipping in the ocean, laying in the sun, and enjoying a non-crowded strip of seaside. We probably should have left earlier, but we didn’t have any urge to pull ourselves away.

But alas, the time came when we had to head home. Fortunately we had a new route home that tapered through beautiful country in Alabama. With the exception of a very large, scary snake we saw in the middle of the road, it was an extremely enjoyable ride, complete with economic discussions of course. 😉 I honestly wouldn’t mind doing it again just for kicks.

We pulled in our driveway around 11 PM. I have to say, as fun as our trip had been, I felt very glad to be home.

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