Last Saturday Doris and Thomas were extremely kind to take us to their vacation home in the surreally beautiful Valbella.

After having a wonderful lunch on the terrace with a stellar vista we headed up a nearby mountain called Lenzerheide via two ski lifts.


The ride up was indescribably scenic, and got us excited for the hike back down. Snow-capped peaks, mountain flowers, babbling brooks, fresh springs, and everything you imagine in fairy tales were omnipresent.



We were enjoying our walk down when the clouds that had seemed so far away when we left the house made their way over our heads and raindrops started to fall.




Luckily by that time we were close to the second ski lift and hitched a ride down the mountain in an attempt to outrun the rain. We were, however, unsuccessful in our quest and icy cold, pummeling drops got us pretty soaked. It was fun, pretty much all we could do was laugh hysterically.


We all ran to the car once back at the bottom, then returned to the house for some coffee and chocolate while looking over the house’s guestbook. We even found notes left from Kevin’s grandparents and uncles from 35 years ago.

Early evening brought us back to Zurich, where we had about 90 minutes until our Jackson Browne concert started. Finding the concert was pure serendipity, as we only knew about it from passing a poster near the lake a few days before. Lucky thing. We had a blast, even being by far the youngest people in attendance.

A good day to remember.

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