Enter Switzerland

I’ve never had a more positive visceral reaction to a city than I had when we arrived in Zurich. Blue sky and warm sunshine made May 10th the perfect day to arrive, and combining the weather with the beautiful, clean, orderly streets made an irresistible combination.

We decided to walk from the train station to our Airbnb apartment and were progressively more pleased with every step we took. Fresh air filled our lungs and the songs of happily chirping birds filled our ears. Then there was the river and the lake. Zurich gets a 10/10 for first impressions.

Later that afternoon we went for a walk around Lake Zurich (only 5 minutes on foot from our apartment) and were further enamored with the city. I don’t think the view of clear, sparkling water with the Alps in the background could ever get old.


Add gorgeous dark tulips to the list

We were only knocked down a couple notches when we decided to grab lunch. It was good, just a simple takeaway lunch to eat by the lake. And the total came out to 46 Franc (currently $48.42). Later when talking with our host’s son, we discovered that indeed the 40 Franc price range for a lunch for two is in line with the norm. We knew beforehand that Zurich is expensive, but damn, Zurich is realllly expensive.

We’ve since adjusted, though, and make most of our meals at the apartment. 🙂

The first week held small trips out and about town, including an afternoon at the Alter Botanischer Garten.

Kev in the garden

Kev in the garden

We also met up with Kevin’s cousin Sylea and her boyfriend Marco one afternoon for a boat ride and to climb Grossmünster.


We followed climbing the tower with an evening with Sylea’s family and had a great time.

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