Hi There

We’re Kevin and Jordan, California-native high school sweethearts with a healthy degree of wanderlust.


These are the stories of our life and adventures. Enjoy!


TTFN Charleston

Our wedding day was no doubt a very wonderful and memorable one, and I wouldn’t have expected to top it on our short trip to Charleston. But it would go that the day after we tied the knot may have even been our favorite. We started the day out out with a nice...

Kicking It Off In Charleston

We arrived in Charleston on Sunday before our wedding and had time to settle into our hotel, the lovely Grand Bohemian, then take a stroll down Meeting Street and King Street before my parents got in. That evening we all met up at the hotel and ate dinner at the...

A Giant Tree, A Thunderstorm, And A Perfect Wedding

The night before our wedding the weather forecast for the next day was fluctuating significantly, which was no small point for us since we were set to be wed outdoors under a gigantic oak tree. Okay, so not just any gigantic oak tree, but the legendary Angel Oak tree...